D800 Battery Cover

I’ve owned a succession of Nikon cameras. The D800 was the first one to lose its battery cover. I’m not even sure when and where it occurred. I was just reaching to change the battery when I realized that it was a bit exposed. I re-traced my steps during the previous 24 hours but the cover did not show up. Nothing was at the bottom of the camera bag either.

So, I ended up ordering a cover from Nikon’s web site. The cover was only $3.90, which didn’t sound too bad to me. But, shipping and handling was $11.00. A local camera store did not have the part in stock. A third party was selling the same part for $11.99 with free shipping.

Considering how easily this part fell off, I decided to pick up 3 battery door covers directly from Nikon. Excluding taxes, that’s $7.57 per door. The part shipped from Torrance, CA and took a week to reach Northern California by ground UPS.

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