Lunar Eclipse Shutter Speed Comparison

During the lunar eclipse, I started photographing at 1/800s but ended up at 1/1,600s. I had some inconsistent notes from previous attempts at photographing the moon, so I wanted to take a more formal look.

These two were taken pretty close in time. While I already know which is which, the difference is not obvious at first glance.


Even at a larger magnification, I cannot tell them apart. I think a full moon is more forgiving because the image is quite flat. Not too much contour because of the illumination. However, when only the side of the moon is lit, the directional light shows off much more of the lunar craters. Will repeat in a few weeks.

Lunar Eclipse at 1/800s

Lunar Eclipse at 1/1,250s

Lunar Eclipse at 1/1,600s

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