Andromeda Galaxy

Headed out to a Bortle 4 location for my first serious attempt at Andromeda Galaxy. The skies were supposed to be clear, but there were clouds passing through during the imaging sequence. I wasn’t sure how well the final image would come out since the moon created quite a bit of light pollution. That 72% waxing gibbous moon was illuminating the sky from overhead. I couldn’t even see the fainter stars in Orion that are usually visible in that location.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the final result. I used an 85mm lens because I only knew the general location of the Andromeda Galaxy. The unintentional bonus was the Triangulum Galaxy anchoring the other side of the image. I stacked 100 images at f/2.8 15s and ISO 400 in Sequator and edited in Photoshop with some help from Luminar and NIK.

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